Model Patients

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Model Patients

When Prof Aman Caur came to Bangalore late June, Yasmeen, our younger cat, was already not well. Aman came because a Doctor in Bangalore had called her over for three weeks, for check-up, investigation and treatment for her nine-month old, sometimes debilitating, sometimes niggling, but constant back pain; Yasmeen had stopped eating and was running high fever.

When the Doctor met Aman, saw her reports, which she had plenty – X-ray, MRI, conclusions by seven doctors in Amritsar – the Bangalore Doctor’s conclusion was stark: there is no issue. We had taken Yasmeen for check-up, got her injections, medicines, Gastrointestinal food, and she recovered a bit, but then went back to not eating.

After the Doctor who had called Aman to Bangalore, we met another Orthopaedic, elder, much more experience. He too said no issues. After a round of two nearby hospitals, we took Yasmeen to her first Doctor Prabhu who had literally saved her when she was 4 weeks old. We got another blood report, an X-Ray, even a Scan done. Nothing came up – zero issue, cipher except some perhaps hard stool lodged in her larger intestine. But she refused food.

After Aman’s tickets to Bangalore were booked, she had had an accident in Amritsar. On a service road, with clearly one-side traffic allowed, to save someone coming from the opposite side, her scooter skid, she fell, broke her elbow and her ankle. Her cast came off three days before coming to Bangalore. Now Aman’s back issues remain undiagnosed, Yasmeen food intake was stalled. Basically, medical science, its modes of investigation, its line of diagnoses, could not find the reason Aman and Yasmeen were in trouble. Hence, they declared there are no issues. But there were issues – Aman had pain, Yasmeen refused food.

For Aman, there was one thing left to do: physiotherapy. Any travel plans from Bangalore were ruled out because of her joints that had not fully healed. For Yasmeen too, there was one thing left to do: stay indoors, follow the regimen, and we wait for her to poop. Out of Aman’s 21 days, she did intense physiotherapy for 18 days. Throughout her ailment, Yasmeen followed her GI food and medicine regimen. In the nights Yasmeen would snuggle up to Aman. Aman would spend hours caressing her.

Each evening, after Aman came from physiotherapy sessions, I would see her body literally trembling from the pain of the exercises, her face pumped up with blood, yet her tone even while responding to ‘how was the session?’, I was filled with awe and respect. Seeing Yasmeen, locked at home, co-opertate in hand-feeding (using a 10 ml syringe) food 5 times a day, taking her treatment without flinching, I was filled with love and gratefulness. Yasmeen’s Dr Prabhu was always at hand over WhatsApp for consultation.

Cut to three weeks later, Aman’s hands and legs have eased up. In fact, her back pain was also low and some days not at all. Yasmeen has been passing motion. Earlier once in two days, now everyday. She is back to eating solids: dry and wet food, some GI, boiled shredded chicken, her medicines have reduced and will end likely this week.

Both Aman and Yasmeen had issues, severe issues. For each’s issues we had no root cause identified. Yet, both dealt with the issues and whatever treatment was available with equanimity. It was simply their attitude, their will to go beyond where their bodies were at those points.

They were indeed model patients!

Aman left this morning. Before leaving, she opened the door for Yasmeen to re-enter the outer world. Aman reached airport, had to shift some books from check-in luggage to hand luggage. I hope her back can take it. Yasmeen will go to sleep on neighbour’s car and tease the Rottweiler in another neighbour’s house.

In health and sickness, life goes on … I learnt, it does not help to deny an issue. What we need is the attitude to face up to it and work on lines that may help, but stay consistent.

Respect, Huge Respect!

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