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Pathos of Binary Thinking

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

The Republic Day is a celebration of when the Constitution came into effect, the nation became a republic. In the case of Farm Laws, we know, the government has violated the Constitution, the citizens want to restore the Constitution.

Now there is news that the Centre has filed a plea to stop farmers’ tractor march on Republic Day. Nowhere have farmers said they will disrupt government RD celebrations. Why is the farmer intention to celebrate being read by the government as an intent to disrupt its celebrations?

Eerie similarity to how in 1982 the Dharam Yudh Morcha’s intent to symbolically protest during Asian Games was misreported by media as Akalis wanting to disrupt the Games. It led to Haryana government dragging out Sikhs from buses and trains, humiliating them, insulting them, brutally beating them – othering the community.

Question is: do farmers not have a right to celebrate Republic Day? Whose Republic Day is it – citizens or government? Whose roads, whose buildings, whose armed forces are these – citizens or their so called representatives who no longer represent the citizens?

Times change but events are from the same flawed playbook.

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