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Delhi launch of Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines

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Dear Friends,

here is the live stream of the Delhi launch of Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines.

I thank Hartosh Singh Bal for not only facilitating the event but also mentoring me over the years, asking me to report for The Caravan. Thank you Karthik Venkatesh, my editor, for all your hardwork and guidance that went into making this book.

Please see the live stream here …

Note: since the event was in the IIC Annexe basement, the signal was a little patchy. Apologies!

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Dear Friends,

my book Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines is now out in bookstores. Those of you who have pre-ordered copies will start getting them now. Thank you!

I feel humbled that two people who I have admired and respected over years had this to say about the book which is part-reportage, part-memoir and part-contextual history of Panjab.

From the back cover:

More than just a history of the Panjab, this accessible and layered account is also a journey of self-discovery, a return to the author’s roots which questions, simultaneously, the politics and geography of rootedness, a homecoming that questions the idea of home. It’s a book filled with love, despair, disappointment and hope.
~ Urvashi Butalia, Author and Publisher, Zubaan

Panjab post-militancy is in crisis. Amandeep Sandhu has spent time travelling through the state, observing and talking to people. He interweaves this reportage with the understanding he possesses both as an insider and outsider to Panjab. The result is a clear-headed insight into the reasons for its decline. There is nothing I have read that better explains the interconnected decay of the institutions of the state and the Sikh religion.
~ Hartosh Singh Bal, Political Editor, Caravan

Indian readers can pre-order copies here: 

Readers abroad can buy copies here:

Please Bless! Buy and discuss. The intent of the book is present Panjab as post conflict zone and open conversations so we can all begin to heal.

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