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Farmers Protests: Mint Goes into the Protests

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Dear Friends,

one of my pleasures during the Farmers Protest has been speaking to urban India print journalists (non-lapdog media) who connect to learn about rural realities. This is actually ironical or a statement on how far urban India is from rural India. At Partition and Independence 75% of the nation was rural, agrarian. Today 53% of the nation is rural, agrarian. Basically, given increase of population, we have moved 22% people from rural to urban – our bludgeoning urban middle class. We are all one or two generations away from rural India. Instead of talking to me, they can talk to their grandparents.

I love the eagerness, the openness to learn of these young journalists.  Many of them have browsed or read the book. It results in their being able to process what they are witnessing at the protest sites.

Sayantan Bera called a few days back to understand the ‘do or die’ spirit. We talked about how martyrdom is revered in the Sikh religion and Panjab culture. A history of three millennia where Panjab has stood up to defend its land and the Indian sub-continent.

Please see here … Mint_Farmer Protests 24122020

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