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Biblio Review: PANJAB – Land of Many Wounds

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Dear Friends,

It is silly, I guess, but I had a fond hope that someday one of our most revered literary magazines Biblio would review PANJAB: Journeys Through Fault Lines. That day came, and to my utter surprise and satisfaction, Rahul Singh, himself a journalist and man of letters, and son of the earlier chronicler of Panjab, the eminent Khushwant Singh, reviewed the book.

What I found interesting was, towards the end of the review, Rahul says: Is there a way out of the abyss Panjab finds itself in? Sandhu ends on a hopeful note:

‘… Panjab would need a push to bring in a structure where Panjabis not only in Panjab, but also those living in other parts of India, across the border with Pakistan, and in the diverse diaspora, could participate together in re-building Panjab. At the same time, to lift itself from the depression that gnaws at it and erodes it, Panjab needs to rise against patriarchy, feudalism and ritualistic symbolism. Throughout its long history, Panjab has always been more than its geography and its people. It has symbolised an idea of resistance and rebellion. In the past, in spite of grievous wounds, Panjab has always risen and proved its critics wrong. I believe that someday this Panjab too will rise to its challenges—in its own eclectic way.’

Then Rahul says: That is a forlorn hope, unfortunately. However, Amandeep Sandhu has a written a book that is deeply-felt, passionate and straight from the heart, one that is essential reading for anybody who wants to understand a community and a state that once led the way in the country, and which, he believes, could do so again.

Call it serendipity or call it Panjab’s historical task, right now Panjab has risen once again – this time to protect India’s Constitution.

Please find the review PDF here: PANJAB_Biblio_2020

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