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Shekhar Gupta’s Forked Tongue

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Dear Friends,

in the last seven years, we have tried two ways of dealing with propaganda. 1) countering what Godi Media and BJP IT Cell produce; 2) creating our own the narrative.

We have realised, with increasing alarm, that we are unable to counter the Godi Media and BJP IT Cell propaganda. For a simple reason, any debate or discussion needs the other part to be open to reasoning. We have seen the ones who drive such propaganda are not open to reasoning. They only wish to drown out all others.

That is why when it came to #FarmerProtests, I realised I must contribute to creating our own narrative like many like-minded friends are doing. My suggestion to all those being flustered by Godi Media and IT Cell propaganda is: ignore. Propaganda is bad energy, if it does not get a response, it fades very quickly.

Yet, many of you, flustered by the Godi media and IT Cell propaganda keep reaching out to me over inbox asking me to rebuttal it. Frankly, I am also exhausted. Also, I feel this battle between farmers and the government has now gone beyond even narratives. The stances are crystal clear: farmers for people, for Constitution vs government as a front to crony capitalists. It is a battle of nerves and if yesterday’s proposals (see earlier post) are anything to go by, the government is blinking double-quick. It is, quite honestly, only MoSha’s ego that stands in the way.

Yet, I took on one Godi Media here – Shekhar Gupta who does not only enough wrong now but has done grievous damage to Panjab’s narrative for decades. Please read. Thank you Punjab Today.

Please read here …

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The article in Punjab Today condemning Shekhar Gupta’s lies has evinced greater interest in the Diaspora. Recently Punjabi Radio USA interviewed me and we discussed how media mis-represents Panjab. In fact, even more than that how Panjab has been steadily mis-represented. Thank you Harvinder, Gurjaspal, and Arvinder. Chardi Kala.

Please listen here … 


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