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Farmer Protests: Interview On Wire Hindi

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Dear Friends,

Last evening I spoke to Arfa Khanum of The Wire Hindi on Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau raising concern about farmer protests in India against the draconian Farm Laws.

I urged us – as India – to look within ourselves and ask why such comments come up every now and then? I also mentioned nowhere it happens that a PM of an independent nation goes and campaigns in another country for its leader’s re-election. I spoke about the need to nuance the 100 year old term Khalistan and how now it is about human rights. Yet, the irony is now India has itself become Hindu Rashtra.

The discussion is short, we could not get to the actual protest but I did put on record that at present 7 years of Hindutva is challenged by 700 years of Panjab rising against Delhi.

Hindi. 22 minutes. Please listen here …

Note: I am being massively trolled for this in right-wing Hindutva circles.

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Dear Friends,

it was my honour to have a conversation with Deputy Editor, The Wire, Ajoy Ashirwad on Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines. Thank you Mahtab Alam for facilitating the interview.

Here is a comment by someone from the audience: ‘Someone should translate it into Punjabi and distribute it in every village of Punjab.I also request the author to gift one copy to Akalis and one to Amrinder…’

Please see here …

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