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Dear Friends,

Day 21 of the #FarmersMovement.

While the end seems prolonged, I feel there are many good reasons to celebrate how we have come this far and what we have already achieved. Of course, our final goal is the government repeal the three anti-farmer Farm Laws. Thank you Punjab Today.

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Farmer Protests: Naming the Sites of Protest

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Facebook: December 8, 2020

The farmer protest reaches Day 13 and today is Bharat Bandh. The response from various parts of the country shows us there is something we need to understand about cultures of different regions in India.

The matter is rooted in history. Panjab-Haryana and in many ways Western UP has been a site for conflict for thousands of years. They have been the gateway to the Indian sub-continent for millennia.

Similarly, Rajputs, Marathas, Malayalees, Tamizh, north-east Ahoms, Nagas, Meitei and others have always been on their own borders of the Indian sub-continent. They have, from time to time, picked arms to defend themselves.

We people from the periphery of the Indian sub-continent, now nation, have a way of life which is vastly dissimilar from central Indian sub-continent. We know to defend ourselves. We know that to defend our lands, we need to be prepared for sacrifice. We do not seek wars or sacrifice, but we are prepared for it. That is the nature of the border, any border.
The texture of our blood is resistance.

We know, life is ephemeral, so is possession of land. That is why, when we have the land, we name it, we celebrate it. That is why the farmers at Tikri border to Delhi – one of the protests sites, have renamed spaces within the site as:

1. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Nagar
2. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar
3. Bibi Gulab Kaur Nagar
4. Chacha Ajit Singh Nagar
5. Shaheed Sadhu Singh Takhtupura Nagar.

The Press Gallery is named after Ashfaqullah Khan.

Who are all these people after whom these spaces are named? Google them. Learn some history.

The farmers who have come with their own food, supplies, warm clothing and bedding, even some furniture, have established a city within a city. It is fascinating how they are using culture and history – pre-British, British, post-British – to challenge the mighty establishment.

That is just how we are. All of us who resist hegemony.

Note: apologies if you feel I am making broad sweeping statements but do notice stereotypes also have basis in history. Especially, positive stereotypes.

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