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Panjab Elections: Comment in News Click

   Posted by: aman

Dear Friends,

Ravi Kaushal from News Click spoke to me and others on elections results.

Here are our views …

Dear Friends,

Prajakta Joshi from Indie Journal asked me my views on the elections. Here is the recording with others. My section is: minutes 15.37 to 19.57 – English.

Please listen to link here …


Panjab Elections: Comment in Outlook Magazine

   Posted by: aman

Dear Friends,

after the election results were out, yesterday Ashutosh Sharma from Outlook Magazine asked if it Panjab had voted pro-AAP. I differed. Other experts also spoke.

Please read my views here … 

Dear Friends,

Pheroze Vincent is travelling Panjab and filing reports on the build up to elections. We were talking and I mentioned a big lacunae I have noticed over years of election reporting, opinion and exit polls – basically when we try to gauge the mood of the people.

The lacunae is: for various reasons such as most reporters being male, inherent patriarchy in society, the reports are largely from a male point of view. On ground, as I experienced last time, it is difficult to access women’s opinions. It is assumed women in a family will vote where men are voting. I find that problematic simply because women no longer vote where the men vote. They have their own mind.

In my view, last time in Panjab assembly elections, women who form nearly 50 per cent electorate, across class, religion and caste, voted in favour of one party.

I stated that to Vincent and he quoted me. Please see here …

Sorry this is an old post that somehow went into draft. My bad! Processed it today. It is from July 2, 2021.

Dear Friends,

recently AJ Singh contacted me to speak on the #FarmersProtest. Anand Vardan from The Public India and I spoke on various issues old and new: solidarities in the protests, January 26th, SKM, foreign funding, role in state elections.

Here is the interview in Hindi. 27.15 minutes.

Dear Friends,

Pheroze Vincent from The Telegraph chatted with me recently on the significance of Charanjit Singh Channi being appointed the Panjab chief minister and now the CM face for Congress in the upcoming elections.

“If Congress sneaks a win, it will be a big change for how people look at Jat and Dalit relations in the state. After Mayawati, caste equations changed in Uttar Pradesh.”

Please see here …


Mint: Curtain Raiser Panjab Elections

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Dear Friends,

Sayantan Bera and Goutam Das from Mint invited me to write a curtain raiser on upcoming Panjab elections. The piece A PROBLEM OF PLENTY IN PUNJAB POLLS has appeared today but given their policy it is behind paywall. It would be wrong to share it openly.

Hence, I am placing the PDF on my website. If interested, you can download it from there. My thanks to Harinder Kaur Bindu, BKU Ekta Ugrahan, journalist Sangeet Toor, Prof Harjeshwar Pal Singh, environment activist Jaskirat Singh and writer Desraj Kali for their quotes.

Punjab Elections Long- MINT

Link to paywall article here …

Dear Friends,

the year long Farmers Protest and victory has become a model for resistances across the world. Sonali Kolhatkar invited me to write this piece for YES! Magazine. Thank you!

‘One of the main slogans of the protests was “Kisan Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad,” or “Long Live Farmer-Worker Unity.” When young and old Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh farmers, supported by urban folks, came together, they negated the right-wing BJP ploy to divide society along cleavages of religion, caste, and gender. Instead, the protests united the farmers through their kirrt—work.’

Please read here …

Dear Friends,

Pheroze Vincent from The Telegraph presents the issue Sikhs have with naming Sahibzade Shaheedi as Veer Baal Divas and linking it with narrow nationalism. He provides contextual history and references and also quotes me and my Facebook post.

“… the Sangh forgets that names are also a matter of dignity. When you name a thing, it can’t talk back to you. But when you name people or an historical event, it makes no sense to name them if the core people do not find dignity in the name…”

Please read here…



Des Raj Kali on PANJAB in translation

   Posted by: aman

Dear Friends,

Excellent writer and reader, Des Raj Kali conducted five shows on PANJAB Jinna Rahan Di Mian Saar Na Jaaana - the Panjabi translation of my book by Yadwinder Singh and Mangat Ram. The book is published by Singh Brothers, Amritsar.

Kali Sa’ab focuses on an important aspect: reading.

He asks us, how do we read? Then illustrates from different readings of the book with his commentary.

As a writer one seeks one’s readers. Many have read PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines, many have reviewed it, many readers have sent and posted messages. With respect to all of them, I feel the way Kali Sa’ab is reading the Panjabi translation is a lesson in ‘reading’ itself.

To me, this is the function of literature: to show us how to read and write.

Please view and listen to his talks through links below:

Episode 1, January 2, 2022

Episode 2, January 3, 2022

Episode 3, January 4, 2022

Episode 4, January 6, 2022

Episode 5, January 7, 2022

Then there is an earlier program when the book just reached him and he cited the book in his message.

Personally, I am stunned. I have never experienced a critic peel layer after layer of any of my books for a whole week to give both me and the readers a sense of their depth. It has been hugely educational as well. Indeed a lesson in reading! I feel I have been heard, I belong. A silsila has started.

Thank you Kali Sa’ab!