Farmers Protest: Directions to Red Fort

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February 2, 2021

A simple question on Republic Day Red Fort flag fracas. I wonder why no one asks it. Actually I wrote it for a site, they refused to publish.

Many of you live in Delhi. I lived in Delhi for 5 years. Drove around. Then Metro came and we started going to Chandni Chowk/Red Fort by Metro.

Yet, we know Delhi roads, especially old city roads are such a spider’s web that it isn’t easy to reach Red Fort. The Red Fort front is not on the Ring Road. Neither is ITO on the Ring Road. Both are roughly one kilometre inside, connected by Netaji Marg. When Delhi was Shajahanabad, Red Fort was its great landmark, the current Netaji Marg was the main road.

We know the famers who participated in the Tractor Rally were almost all from outside Delhi. Many perhaps came to Delhi for the first times in their lives. They do not know the roads, they do not know the roads to take to destinations.

Tractors are big machines, when on speed on smooth roads, when drivers are enjoying the wind of their faces, they aren’t easy to turn. So,

a) How did the farmers coming from Ghazipur side, Sari Kale Khan, know where to leave the Ring Road and turn at exactly the right place to reach ITO where the police lathi charged them?

b) Why did police not stop farmers coming from Singhu side, Mukarba Chowk, when instead of taking Ring Road, they turned on Karnal Road?

Who gave the farmers directions? If this does not tell you about police complicity and trap, then you are free to stick to your beliefs.

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