Farmers Protest: Farce Debate in Parliament

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Day 70

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Farce Debate in Parliament

The government agreeing to debate on farmers issue is another manipulation in the saga of the struggle of farmers.

Just checking news, media will push for this debate as if something will come out from it. The fact is, we are living in an age of trust deficit, not only in the Supreme Court but also in the Parliament. Yes, we supposedly live in an electoral democracy but the protests amply display that all political parties – yes, all, not only BJP – stand discredited.

The meagre little Congress of today also did not implement the Swaminathan Commission Report 2007 that it had itself set up. The Akalis were in BJP’s pocket until recently. Many other smaller parties are in alliance with BJP. In spite of AAP’s tearing the Farm Laws in the Delhi Assembly, the fact is they had earlier notified the Laws. Left might speak some sense but does not have much of a mandate. Shiv Sena might do some posturing but they are part of the same political system that has impoverished the agrarian sector for half a century. The fact is political parties have consistently betrayed the agrarian sector, as seen even in the recent Budget.

The debate will be used by non- BJP parties to try to prove to be allies of farmers.

It will be used by BJP to up its propaganda. All that will come out from this debate is BJP will look like a injured party.

This debate is a manipulation of democracy. This debate should have happened before the Laws were bulldozed in Parliament. A bulldozing over which Opposition cried foul but had no power to do anything. The only party that the government must discuss with is the farmers camped outside Delhi, now barricaded as well. Farmers whose internet, water, electricity, sanitation is cut off. In fact, the stage of discussions has also passed, the only thing that the government must do is repeal the Laws, legalise MSP.

The only task of Opposition is to force government to remove barricades, restore services, not indulge in false, staged debates.

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