Farmers Protest: Mehraj Rally

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February 25, 2021

Day 92

Toll 265


Mehraj Rally

When the farmers protest started from Panjab and Haryana, we were all together, united. We sought repeal of Farm Laws and legalisation of MSP. As days turned to weeks, months, the government remained apathetic and brutal, talks stalled after January 22nd.

Around Jan 26th, the differences between various participants and groups emerged. While the government propaganda post Jan 26th failed, in fact the protests have now spread to various north Indian states and to south India, the cleave remains. The differences showed up in both Samyukt Kisan Morcha slowness is pursuing cases of those detained and panthic oriented youth pointing fingers at SKM. The issue was this finger-pointing youth seemed splintered.

The Mehraj Rally on Feb 23, presence of around 40,000 people, in Captain Amarinder Singh’s native village, has brought this youth together under the banner Sangharsh Sahayog Jatha. As of now, the demands are:

a) release of prisoners, quashing of cases.

b) support the Unions on repeal of Laws and legalising MSP.

We know the government is not democratic but our society hopefully still is democratic. In any real democracy, every group should find representation. The coming together of youth is a positive development for them to find and project their consolidated voice. In panthic terms is a good development so that the discontent against Akalis’ dominance on panthic institutions can also be challenged.

I feel it should not be read as competitive; SKM versus youth, Sikh versus Left, allegedly pro-govt versus anti-govt. As long as we stay focused on original goals of the protests, the Sangharsh Sahayog Jatha will hopefully now serve as another pressure point on the government, like we have the Mahapanchayat(s).

The struggle for democracy and justice must also be democratic.

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