Farmers Protest: Elections

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March 3, 2021

Day 98

Toll 269



For anyone who feels the coming elections distract from the protests, please know the farmers remain resolute, they are focused. It is us urban middle class and media that is feeling distracted.

In fact, on my recent brief visit to Panjab, I noticed how the participation in the protests has become more organized, process driven: rotation of participants from each village according to roster, supplies organised at local Gurdwara level.

The farmers know a scorching summer awaits them, they are preparing. I heard many Ardas that included prayers for farmers. Then there are the Mahapanchayats being held in all north Indian states vowing to boycott BJP until their demands are met.

See the news item shared below on how the UP government is terrified by the protests, is imposing stringent rules. Then declared plans.

1. March 6 – Samyukt Kisan Morcha to block Delhi’s peripheral KMP highway on March 6 for 5 hours, 11 am to 4 pm to mark 100 days of protests.

2. SKM to reach out to Gulbarga and Chitradurga in Karnataka to address Karnataka farmers on MSP.

3. March 8 – Women’s Day. Full charge of stages to organisation of programs to women on all protest sites.

4. March 12 – In keeping with their claim, SKM leaders to go to Bengal to address farmers on the pitfalls of electing BJP government.

5. March 15 – SKM and 10 Trade Unions to observe anti-privatisation day, pushing for 5 demands: repeal of the farm reform laws, withdrawal of Electricity Bill and legal guarantee for MSP; two demands from the workers to withdraw the labour codes and stop privatisation.

6. March 15 onward – SKM to go to all poll bound states to make people aware about BJP’s anti-people policies; urge people to not vote BJP in elections.

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