Farmers Protest: Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai …

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Day 282

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Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai …

The Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat tomorrow is already being talked about as the biggest rally of farmers anywhere in the world. The site Muzaffarnagar is important because of its association with 2013 violence. That is when the Sangh had played its dirty game from the platform BKU had offered it. The consequences are BJP’s win in 2014 and consolidation in 2019.

Late January, at the Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat, when farmers took the Lota Nun vow (post as first comment), the Tikait brothers had apologised for how they had betrayed the BKU ethos and the Muslim community had agreed to bury the past and come together to fight the BJP. The bridging between communities led to farmers protest recovering and consolidating from the blow dealt it by the government on January 26th.

This rally tomorrow is important because it will signal the farmers’ dissatisfaction and discontent to the regime. There is no doubt about participation. Also, this is just the beginning. Many more rallies are planned in the coming weeks. The issue is will this gathering gain a defined political outlook? While BJP can anyway write-off West Uttar Pradesh, it can still come to power in the state from central and East UP. At 23 crore, UP is a huge state.

The need is that Opposition – Rashtriya Lok Dal, Samajwadi Party, whatever is left of Congress – solidly come together and defeat BJP comprehensively in western, central and eastern UP. Like the protest itself where the farmers’ tenacity has kept the movement going for nine months and leaders have shaped it; political leaders now need to realise the groundswell and use it to defeat BJP.
Let us see what happens.

Map of the site, in Hindi. Blue is rally location, Green is parking, Yellow/Orange langar venues.

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