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Day 283

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UP Mission

Forty-six years back, on the same Muzaffarnagar Government Inter College grounds as today, Jay Prakash Narayan had given a call against Emergency. Eight years back, on September 7, 2013, in nearby village Nagla Mandaur the Jat Mahapanchayat had triggered communal violence which had breached the Hindu-Muslim community and torn them apart. BJP/RSS had used that breach to start their 2014 campaign, win general elections and the rest has been a seven year long national nightmare.
In many ways, all the Bhartiya Kisan Union branches in north Indian states owe their genesis to Baba Mahender Singh Tikait. Yet, when the farmers protests started – given 2013 Muzaffarnagar – Rakesh Tikait seemed an odd one to support the movement.

January 26th happened, as Singhu was in shock, Tikait held up Ghazipur. As authorities cut electricity and water, barricades road, was ready to unleash an attack on Terai Sikhs who were staying back, and came to arrest Tikait, remove him from the spot, he called for ‘water from his village’. Middle of foggy winter night, thousands from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh set out for Delhi with water.
The Mahapanchayat end of January in Muzaffarnagar was marked by a rare apology. The Hindus and Muslims together took the Lota Nun oath to boycott BJP. Rakesh Tikait was soon all over the media, all over the country, joined the ‘No Vote to BJP’ campaign in Bengal. Many opined it was a ploy: media was deliberately playing up Tikait and the cost of Samyukt Kisan Morcha.

Tikait, like Rajewal, has sworn to not return to his village until the Farm Laws are repealed and MSP is legalised. Even today, he reached the stage straight from Gazipur protest site and will return to Delhi’s border without going home.
While the mood at the Mahapachayat is buoyant, I feel this Mahapanchayat, at the inauguration of people’s voice against the regime termed as ‘UP Mission’ is tinged with a sense of pain – atonement, penance. This is an attempt to undo the damage of 2013. I do not know if we can ever recover from the loss of last seven years but this pain drives this attempt and that is what makes it so much more worthy.

Today, looking at Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat, it is clear that the people are bigger than any leader. The resolve in the eyes of the last elder in the protest is far brighter than any conspiracies real or imagined. The strength in their sinews is far stronger than any draconian government. The moral power of non-violence is far greater than the batons and guns of any police force. Speeches are going on in Kannada and Tamizh and Malayalam as well at the Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat.

Here is a short video from this morning on the issues that drive this Mahapanchayat and UP Mission by my friend Nakul Singh Sawhney from ChalChitra Abhiyaan who has kept a close vigil on the region for the past eight years. 9.21, sorry no subtitles. That needs time and the urgency is great.

Here is a how languages other than Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamizh and Malayalam were also spoken at the rayy.

Here is the conclusion of the rally.

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