Bharat Bandh Bangalore

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Dear Friends,

today when I was reaching Town Hall, Bangalore in an auto, the driver was telling someone on the phone – yes, Panjab, Haryana, full bandh. I added, Kerala, Bihar too, reports from Odisha, Telangana, Bengal too. Then we both said: but our Bangalore! He said, Bangalore is a karishma – a miracle. We both sniggered.

At Town Hall, the protest location, a multi-coloured sea of flags was on display. My eyes welled up. Really because, for 10 months now, I have merely been articulating the protests and feel tired. Everyday I go to my local market and there is no talk of the farmers movement, shops are open, business is usual, except during the pandemic waves. I have been feeling lonely in my pursuit. I know our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, youth and children on Delhi’s borders have had it far more harder through bone-chilling winters, extreme summer heat, monsoon floods. How much have they endured!

Yet, today, not only Bangalore but the whole nation responded. I cried! We all gathered around 11.15 am and then marched to Mysore Bank Circle. All the way chanting: we want justice, down with BJP, Modi haye haye! Music to my ears. I am positive, the ‘dhooni’ at Ghazipur border, the flames in northern states, have now spread like a blaze across the country.

I am thinking, if one day could do this, three days will bring the government on its knees. More power to us!

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