Farmers Protest: Barricades Update

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Posted on November 12, 2021

Day 352

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Barricades Update

The matter of farmers blocking roads has been a constant refrain ever since the protests started about a year ago. Complaints have been filed, courts have passed observations, police set up barricades, now a few days back there was news of barricades being removed.

I wanted to understand the ground reality. What I found is: police has acted bare minimally. It has moved some barricades but by no means all of them at all three protest sites – Ghazipur, Singhu, Tikri-Bahadurgarh.

To understand this we need to know that all these roads are multi-laned. Ghazipur is six-laned flyover plus slip roads. Singhu and Tikri-Bahadurgarh are four-laned. At Ghazipur, the farmers have occupied one flyover lane and one slip road. Vehicles, especially ambulances are allowed on slip road. At Singhu and Tikri-Bahadurgarh, farmers have occupied the middle lanes, leaving the other lanes open. Even now, aftar all the noise, it is the police that has blocked other lanes.

Ghazipur: coming from Noida, from Ghaziabad side, Sukhjit Singh and I found four entries to the Delhi-Meerut road blocked. We had to take the older path via tight lanes and Max hospital to reach the protest site. At the site we saw lanes to Delhi blocked. The barricades were open on flyover but to motorists, they looked closed. You know how the zig-zag pattern is created. No motorist will venture that way.

Singhu: we got to Singhu from behind – the KMP expressway. The slip road from expressway to the protest site was barricaded. The main road reaches deep inside protest site and a deviation is created close to stage, where motorists circle 2-3 km to get back on main road. The other side service road is also open. The block is behind the stage where the access to Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee stage is fully closed. The 500 meters path around the barricade and shops is through totally broken road and slush. At Kundli check-post, from Delhi-side the concrete blockade is in place.

Tikri-Bahadurgarh: the barricades are now open 5 feet to allow two-wheeler, autos, cars. Under the Metro line, people are on dividers. Beyond Metro line, people are on middle lanes, both outer lanes have always been open.

I think, like at Shaheen Bagh, jurists should come down to the sites to assess the ground reality. They will then know what farmers are saying is true: it is police, not them, which is harassing the locals.

To Dilliwallas, it really isn’t very difficult to reach the protest sites. Please visit, mark your physical presence. That is what protesters need.

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