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Posted November 21, 2021

Day 361

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At this stage of the farmers protest, Modi’s announcing the government’s intention to repeal the three draconian farm Laws seems to be the best development to energize the protests.

Frankly, last few weeks, with the harvest and sowing season, many protesting farmers and labour had returned home. SKM had appealed to them to return. The return was slow. The announcement has served as a new current which has energised the batteries worn over a year.

Many friends of the protest have been advising farmers to treat Modi’s announcement with caution, not vacate the protest until the Parliament actually repeals the laws.

The farmers are aware. In my experience, I see no set of people more repeatedly betrayed by governments than the farmers. Everytime the farmers protest, if governments agree to demands, they dither on fulfilling them or just do not fulfill them. Political parties habitually announce sops and policies for farmers in elections and when elected do not implement them.

That is why farmers won’t step back until the laws are actually repealed and a framework to implement MSP is worked upon. We must note that while laws were a spin on a stressed agrarian system, implementation of MSP can open a door out of agrarian distress.

The good thing this time is that a stunned mainstream media, whose rug under the feet Modi has pulled, will not harangue the protesters. The protesters will not have to defend their position. The public perception is now firmly with the protests.

In every village in Panjab, Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh, people are raring to reach Delhi on November 26th to mark one year of protests.

Tomorrow is a Kisan Mahapanchayat in Lucknow. After their stock taking meeting yesterday, SKM has decided to continue with their limited Parliament March to Delhi during the winter session of the Parliament.

The Parliament March starts on November 29th. 500 farmers will March everyday through the session to Delhi on tractors and bullock carts. I love the symbolism of bullock carts against a propaganda machinery supported through satellites.

Kabir says: jeet nishan ghuraunga – I shall mark my victory. The farmers too will do that.

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