Farmers Protest: Mubarak

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Day 380

Toll 715


The victorious farmers protest wishes mubarak to all of us.

It does not matter whether you were part of the protest, whether you spent time on the protest, whether you contributed to the protest, whether you supported the protest, whether you were sympathetic to protest, or whether you were unmoved by it, whether you did not understand the reasons for the protest, whether you opposed the protest, whether you indulged in state created and corporate media disseminated lies about the protest, whether when farmers and labour were asking to be seen as united over kirrt – work/labour, you wanted to look at the protesters through the prism of religion, caste and class, whether you have reservations about the timing of the ending of the protest, the congratulations are for all of us.

The reasons the farmers protest is congratulating everyone is because though for the past many decades there is a narrative that modernity – cities, urban spaces, bookish intelligentsia – seems to understand the world, can negotiate with ‘powers that be’ to create a better world, the farmers protest, rooted in villages, aware of both tradition and modernity, inspired by sewa and langar, adept at the digital world, knows that everyone of us who lives in cities came from villages – one or two or three generations back. They know that English alone is not the language of change, betterment, their own languages can do the job as well.

Unlike how the urban has turned its eyes away from the rural, associates values with itself, in the creation of middle class, in the support to governments who draw policies to suit their funders and electoral banks, preys upon the rural to sustain itself, screams outrage on social media but does not step on the streets, the rural which has been neglected in the past decades knows that beyond a point, outrage alone does not help – they need to step out, resist on ground zero.

Unlike the city, the village is wise to know that we all come from the same source and our markers of birth, our religious identity, our locations, our professions, our prejudices need not define our intentions and praxis. If we are resolved, organised, our resource lines remain intact, we are willing to sacrifice, the harshest of regimes will have to agree to our demands. The village knows its roots, it has the ability to float.

This is not to paper over the gross inequalities of the village but to learn that just because power dictates some narratives, they need not be sound. The solutions to our woes are not outside but inside us.

Please accept the congratulations but when you do so, own it. Know that wishes are also responsibilities. Ask yourself what does that mubarak say to you when it takes its place in your heart. Does it sit fleetingly or tentatively or does it sit easily and fill your heart with joy? If the mubarak opens a door to courage in your heart to stand against tyranny, indeed the farmers protest has succeeded for you. The next time, you will rise. Like the farmers did this time.

Indeed, the road is long. There are many challenges in front of us. Let us make a better world, together.

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