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Dear Friends,

I was intrigued when Sumana Roy and Kunal Ray started their oneating website. In the past Sumana and I have cooked some projects together but they never materialised. In October, when Sumana asked me for an article on the Langar at the Farm Protest, I was happy it would be featured on oneating. Sukhjit Singh contributed massively to the article. Thank you!

The Farmers Protests were suspended in December ’21, but I am glad oneating has still featured this article, not only in English but translated into Panjabi by Jashan Preet Kaur and Hindi by Vandana Rag. Thank you so much. Through the protests I saw how Jaskaran Singh Rana’s photographs brought the events home and thanks to Gurdeep Dhaliwal, I am so glad JK Photography has contributed to the essay. Kunal has cared immensely for the essays. Thank you!

I think such documentation would be important when future activists and scholars try to map and learn from the largest protests in the history of the world.

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