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Farmers Protest: TRT World, Turkey

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Dear Friends,

Sometimes, head nods speak louder than words.

Last night, on a TRT World, Turkey TV panel discussion, a BJP spokesman Gopal Krishna Agarwal said the government is ‘ready to legalise MSP, give it in writing’! All our ears went up. What? What is this claim on foreign TV? Why has it never been stated in Indian media, in official statements?

It took Ali Mustafa, the host, a little probing for the spokesman to quickly shift from ‘give in writing’ to ‘discussion’ to ‘as MSP stands today’ which as you know is at 6 per cent of all India farmers. Not wanting to say so on foreign TV, but in the larger interest of world learning the BJP government’s flip flop, I had to state it up front.

Please listen to Prof Ashok Swain, Mr Aggarwal and me. 26.25 minutes.

Please listen here …

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