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VOK TV: PANJAB Interview

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Dear Friends,

when my book PANJAB: Journeys Through Fault Lines came out early November 2019, lawyer and journalist Gurshamshir Singh asked me for an interview. We decided he must read the book before we sit down to talk about it.

Early March this year, before the fear of the Covid-19 contagion became a wide-spread panic, we managed to do this interview. To pay homage to the tall historical figure who too came from outside Panjab to fight Panjab’ battles, I found it apt that we shot the interview at the Banda Bahadur Memorial at Mohali. The interview is in Panjabi and we decided to put English sub-titles for a wider reach. Then lock-down happened and work froze. Finally, the interview came out May 23rd on the VOK TV Facebook Page. I am humbled by the reception.

The interview is titled: ‘What are the differences between Panjab and India?’ Do notice my views on civilizations being river-based and the concept of a nation being a modern construct, express solidarity with Kashmir, pay my respect to Periyar, praise Shailaja Teacher, call out the cow-belt politics and the Hindu Rashtra in the making, and focus on Panjab’s need to think for itself. I believe, if we have to survive, without further delay, we must all raise the demand for greater Federalism.

Thank you Gurshamshir and team for your hard work and patience.

Here is the YouTube link to the interview.

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